futuristic sculptures made from auto parts
Here's  a few sample of my work!!
Hello, my name is Bill Clark (a.k.a Robot-man)I'm a  auto mechanic by trade, specializing
in body and fender repair in the south jersey. In my spare time I create sculptures out of old
auto parts. I was drawn to sculpting with auto parts by spending my entire life working on
cars. For the past 25 years I have designed hundreds of pieces ranging from  robot dogs, cats, flowers, jazz musicians and many other assorted sculptures, all made from auto parts.When I create a piece in my minds eye, I see struts as arms and legs, gears as the abdomen, bolts as eyes, and fan blades as feathers ...perfect for a robot turkey!
Each part is strategically positioned then welded into place. After I create a sculpture
I'll have it sand blasted, then I paint it with nice coat of automotive finish.
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My work is trade marked and documented in the library of congress for unusual and unique New Jersey "GRASS ROOTS" art!'s one of a kind and cannot be copied. What a unique investment for the future...investing in unique artwork, for you and generations to come. Buying unique art helps to preserve our way of life. Just think what the world would be like without Rembrant or Norman Rockwell and countless others who blessed us with their unusual styles of art. It would definitely be a boaring planet.

I am also available for all types of shows and exhibitions. Please do not hesitate to contact me
for purchases or displaying any of these pieces at your place of business, museum,
art gallery, school or any particular function.